Central DJ
Is the registration free? What are the advantages of having a registration?
Yes, the registration is totally free. You can register using an email account or through auto-login using Facebook. By having a registration, you can choose which programs you like the most and receive notifications when a new program is published, and control which ones you have already downloaded.
Are the show really free?
Yes, all shows are free. But don't forget to read the terms of use to know all conditions and limits, in special if you will use them in a radio/webradio.
Does the website work in a secure environment?
Yes, all data is encrypted, including passwords (HTTPS). However, when you listen to a podcast in the player, a warning or icon may appear, because the audios come from the source without HTTPS. This does not affect the site security.
I have a radio, can I broadcast show X?
Yes, if you are registered in Central DJ, you can broadcast any show. You don't need to request authorization to the producer.
Is safe register with my Facebook account?
Yes, Facebook only send us your name and e-mail, and validate your login. We don't have access to your password and cannot post anything.
I lost my password, how can I retrieve it?
Click here to retrieve your password. Note that logins with Facebook have no relation with this password retrieve system.
How do I not automatically play the radio when open the website?
Just set the volume to "0" (zero). Stop won't work. Your preferences will be saved (cookie) and when open the site again, the player will start stopped.
When I listen a podcast or show, the sound freezes or need a long time to load
Audios are loaded in high quality. If your internet connection is not stable, this kind of lock is normal (buffer). In this case, we suggest you download and listen the file locally. For podcasts, audios are loaded from different servers, so some can be slower and other faster.
I started to listen a show but now I can listen Central DJ Radio, what I need to do?
Click on Online Radio menu and you will find a button to play the Central DJ Radio again. Or, on the footer, click on the small radio icon, near the play icon.
I have a radio show and I want to publish it here
Click here to see information and rules to have a radio show here. Follow the instructions in there to contact us about this.
What are Notifications?
Using OneSignal technology (WebPush), you can receive messages and notifications even if you do not have the site open. On computers running Chrome, Firefox or Safari, just need your browser opened. On Android phones you receive the notification directly, as if it were a SMS. General messages are sent to everyone. But you can also choose to receive notices to each new program (not podcasts) you follow. Authorize on the icon in the lower right corner of the site. On Android phones, just visit our website using the Chrome browser.

By default, notifications are activated at registration, for delivery only between 8 and 10 PM (UTC-3). To turn off or change notifications, access the account settings in the user area.
How do I receive push notifications on more than one device?
Published show notifications are sent only to one device, the last one that has been logged in. If you want to receive on more than one device, such as desktop and mobile, you must have two user accounts in Central DJ, each one logged into one device.

For other questions, contact us.