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Important: since the text is huge, it was translated by Google Translator. If you're a native english speaker, you can help us correcting the text, and your name will be cited at the end as a collaborator. Please note that "programs" (portuguese) is more readable as "radio shows" in english.

Central DJ offers programs to download for free, providing space for producers of independent programs, without direct link with Central DJ. By registering, you agree and indefinitely supports all conditions below. If you disagree with something, do not do the registration or cancel your registration if already has done.

You have the right to make a free registration, and only one, to have access to programs. All data entered will be true under penalty of exclusion from the database. You need keep your valid and updated, especially the contact email. In case of e-mail returning non-existent, you should update it immediately or the registration will be deleted without notice. You agree that your IP address will be tracked and used in case of misuse of our site or supplied material, and allows recording and reading cookies on your browser.

You understand and support all programs downloaded in Central DJ were produced by others without direct link with Central DJ, exempting Central DJ of any copyright or burden. You understand that the Central DJ has no ties to producers or other companies such as radios or record companies, being an independent project. When performing a download, you will be responsible for any copyright, payments, fees, charges, fines or damages, legal or otherwise, for the downloaded file, completely exempting Central DJ (and any person connected with it, and companies doing website hosting or data) from any liability, as well as the producers of the programs, whether legally or not, monetary or not.

If you are an individual, the files of the programs are available as entertainment for personal use, with no editing, transfer to third parties, availability of the file elsewhere to obtain public or private, or playing in public places. The files can be used for personal purposes in more than one location, such as flash drives, computers, mobile/tablets, since the device's owner is the same person who carried out the download. It is forbidden any kind of sale or obtaining profit from the downloaded files. If, in future time, no longer agree to the terms mentioned here, you should delete all downloaded files from all devices where they are, from the date of registration.

If you are a company, radio or webradio, draw on the same criteria for individuals to changing or adding: a play on radio or webradios, or any type of public environments, is permitted provided that the company or person responsible for playing obtain for itself the copyright liabilities, payments of fees, fines, artists/labels, etc, as mentioned above, exempting Central DJ, individuals or legal persons related to it and the producers of their programs. With the completion of downloading a file, any responsibility for it is belonging to the people who carried out the download or have access to it. Radios and webradios are prohibited from editing programs, except for the removal of any trade that goes against the policies of the radio, or removal (or "beep" superimposed) of bad words. They can also apply radio spots above the audio with no loss of volume, not on areas with vocals points (voiceover or lyrics) and cut (fade out) programs that exceed the time limit given to the program.

Radio broadcasters (air) understand that the Central DJ does not control areas covered, so two radios of the same signal area could at the same time or at different times, transmit the same program obtained from the Central DJ. Any action in this case directly should be taken between the radio stations affected, without any interference from Central DJ, which reserves the right to not engage in any kind of contact between the affected radios, either informally or by legal means. If there is no agreement between the affected radios, it is mandatory that both fail to link the programs that generated the deadlock and, when and if necessary, perform unsubscribe from our site. Any kind of use of limited, if any, by a program, will be listed at the bottom of the page program. Radios and webradios are free to use the Central DJ name and its programs for disclosure purposes, provided they do not use the name as being unique to your station or company, and always citing the website address as a reference, mainly on physical media such as pamphlets, newspapers/magazines, flyers, ads, etc. In case of doubt the use of materials, radios or webradios should contact our team.

The registered user is entitled to make use of the tools provided by the Central DJ consistently and aiming overall system stability. The abuse of the use of the site or downloads, will be considered a big fault, with immediate exclusion from registration and without notice. Any type of script for automatic downloads, monitoring, robotized accesses, or measures that are not formally provided by the Central DJ will be considered a hacker act with immediate exclusion from the site, without notice. Central DJ guarantees the privacy of user data, not selling them or passing them on to third parties, except for projects linked and controlled directly by Central DJ.

You understand that all available programs are not monitored, leaving the Central DJ disclaims any responsibility. Sonorization, selection of music, voiceover, audios used commercial possibly linked, quotes, etc, are fully untethered or control of Central DJ. Any expression cited by speakers do not necessarily represent the opinion of Central DJ, and we can not support or repudiate. Producers are allowed to name brands, sponsors, professionals or artists, DJs, shows/events, websites, at its discretion, without control by the Central DJ. The delivery schedule is not monitored. Although always ask the producers to follow the stipulated intervals, the Central DJ does not monitor the delivery of programs, which is made directly by producers in the restricted area on the site, in an automated fashion. Radios and webradios who feel affected with delays of a program should come in direct contact with the producer, the Contact page of our website, or cease to link the program. The Central DJ recommends that radios and webradios keep their downloads on file for reruns, for unplanned events by the producer.

Programs can be terminated at any time if the producer violates any rule or by the will of the producer. To the extent possible, the Central DJ communicate these facts through the site (within the user area).

The Central DJ reserves the right to edit these terms at any time to cover new situations. The terms are between parties without documentation involved, and always in virtual format (internet). In case of changes in terms affecting user site usage or the basic functionality of the site, the changes will be notified in advance by email, giving science to the user, who can delete your registration in time if desired.