Central DJ
The Central Radio DJ plays radio shows and podcasts distributed by Central DJ, 24 hours a day, with the best of electronic music, direct from producers.

Central DJ Radio in your website

Want to insert the Central DJ Radio on your website? It's very simple. Copy and paste the code below into the HTML code of your website:

<AUDIO ID="player" CONTROLS AUTOPLAY CONTROLSLIST="nodownload" STYLE="width:300px;height:32px">
<SOURCE SRC="https://audio.centraldj.com.br/centraldj" TYPE="audio/mp4">

Commom questions
Can I listen to the radio directly in my media player???
Yes, use https://audio.centraldj.com.br/centraldj - The player must support Vorbis format. We recommend VLC, which is compatible with all operating systems. Currently WinAmp does not support this format. Central DJ Radio is also on TuneIn: [ link ].
How I can configure to not play the radio automatically?
Just remove the parameter "AUTOPLAY" in the first line of the code.
How can I set a lower initial volume?
It's only possible using JavaScript, use the code below. The volume is decimal, between 0 and 1.
<SCRIPT> document.getElementById('player').volume = 0.5 </SCRIPT>
How can I change the volume in Microsoft Edge?
Unfortunately the native Edge player has no volume control, you must implement another player or a Javascript volume control.