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Information to Producers

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Basic Instructions for placing shows in Central DJ

Central DJ is always in search for new shows. The rules below are general, citing especially recommendations and instructions for the production of shows, and also aiming for better acceptance in radios and webradios. We do not distinguish between shows focused on listeners, radios or webradios. In the case of radios and webradios, it is up to each one to choose to broadcast any show.

▶ You can make weekly, biweekly, monthly or sporadic shows. Note that monthly or sporadic shows will hardly be accepted by radios and webradios, and will be focused more on listeners, registered in the site, with fewer accesses.
▶ Observe the frequency of your show as much as possible. In case of equipment problems, illness or other factors unrelated to your will, you can stop publishing the show for some time. Shows without publications in 2 months are self-deactivated, being reactivated with the publication of new shows. Shows without posts in 3 months are excluded from the site.
▶ Make every effort to always have a show that is saved and unpublished. In case of problems, you can use it and then produce a spare one.
▶ Shows should always be published in MP3 format at 128k (192k recommended) or higher, in stereo, limited to 100 Mbytes per file. Other formats or bitrate rates are not supported.
▶ Shows must have one or two hours. Shows with 30 minutes or more than 2 hours are not accepted.
▶ You can make your show in one block or several blocks. If you do it in several, this should always be up to 1 hour.
Important: if your focus is also on radios and webradios, remember that radios have commercials. Therefore we recommend never to use the total time of the show, leaving a few minutes free. Following an international standard for shows, see the instructions below. They are optional, but understand that larger radios, with more stringent criteria, will hardly accept shows that do not follow this pattern. It is allowed, but highly inadvisable, to extrapolate up to 3 minutes of the total time of your show, and radios and webradios are allowed to cut or fade out at the end of the shows in order to comply with schedules. If your focus is only listeners, not radios/webradios, do with the total stipulated time of the show (57-63, 115-123 minutes).
     ▶ If the show has one hour in a single block, do it with up to 57-58 minutes
     ▶ If the show has one hour in two blocks, make each block with up to 27-28 minutes
     ▶ If the show has two hours in a single block, make up to 115-117 minutes
     ▶ If the show has two hours in two blocks, make each block with up to 57-58 minutes
     ▶ If the show has two hours in four blocks, make each block with up to 27-28 minutes
▶ Central DJ has preference to mixed shows than shows with music only.
▶ Shows must follow a particular musical style. You should avoid mixing many different genres, like drum and bass and trance, deep house and techno, etc. This item is optional but recommended for capturing specific audiences.
▶ Central DJ focuses on electronic music, but may accept other styles close to electronic. We will not accept shows of very different genres, like rock, pop-rock, rap, reggae, samba, pagoda, forró, axé, sertanejo, funk, classic, etc. There is also preference for shows with vocal music.
▶ The show, when mixed, should follow the correct (mathematical) mixing theories. If "anywhere" mixes are detected without respecting musical theories, which are taught in DJ courses, the show will be canceled. That is, if it is mixed, it should be mixed by DJs who know what they are doing.
▶ The show, especially when mixed, need not have voiceover. It can basically consist of an opening, vignettes and songs, leaving the radio/webradio to the locution. When you do not have a voiceover, it is strongly recommended that you provide the songs playlist.
▶ Shows only with music, without opening, voiceover (optional) and vignettes, are not accepted. The minimum show size is required. The show must have apertures and/or vignettes. If there is no opening/closing, it will be assumed that each radio/webradio can produce its own. If you do not have vignettes with the name of the show, you must have an opening. Both are recommended.
▶ Publishing playlists is highly recommended, although optional. Always use the "artist - music (remix)" format.
▶ Shows that have their own plastic should have a minimum of quality, to be analyzed by Central DJ. We look for provide shows with a minimum of quality. Quotations with low-quality microphones, low-bitrate or low-bitrate (below 128k), amateur production, or bad mixes will not be accepted.
▶ Make sure your show is not tiring. Avoid just playing top hits or repeating the same songs a lot. Learn to interleave hits, releases, old songs, etc.
▶ As far as possible, try to divulge the names of the artists, songs, releases, record labels, etc, because our intention is to spread and help the work of all.
▶ You must produce a show for global use, without link with radios or webradios and without mentioning companies name, formal or otherwise, it is not allowed to mention that the show belongs to some radio or that the DJ is from some venue or radio. Production must be independent and unrelated.
▶ The insertion of commercials is inadvisable, unless the advertiser is a direct sponsor and essential the production of the show. If inserted, it should be only a placement per show, from just one advertiser, in the middle of the show (in case of two or more blocks) or at the end of the show. Advertisements will not be accepted at the beginning of the show. It is allowed to cite partners and supports, in moderation. Note that all affiliates have the right to remove commercials if they conflict with the policies of the company where they are posted, that is, the insertion is allowed but it is not obliged that the affiliate has to touch it. The commercial must be within the total time limit of the show.
▶ For AM/FM radios, the producer must be aware that there is no "area of coverage": all Central DJ shows are free to be transmitted by all radios, even if the radios compete with each other in the same area of signal or even broadcasting on the same day and time. Any kind of conflict in these cases is entirely the responsibility of only the radios involved to resolve the conflict between them, never involving the producer of the show and neither Central DJ.
▶ If re-posted shows are detected (same shows with changed number), it will be considered a serious fault and the show will be deleted, the producer warned and, in the event of a recidivism, the show will be canceled.
▶ Shows considered "abandoned" by the producers, that they begin to have great variation in the delivery of new shows or long periods of absence, will be excluded from Central DJ without prior notice. In this case, if the producer decides to return, if it occurs again, he will be prevented from returning.
▶ The audio should preferably be compressed. This item is optional, however, the overall audio should be level, between -3 and -1db preferably. Large variation of volume between songs and between vignettes and voiceover will not be accepted. When compressed, use a compression that does not distort the sound. Compare the original audio with the compressed one.
▶ Always try to publish the shows on a specific day of the week. This item is optional but it helps listeners, radios and webradios to schedule themselves.
▶ It is recommended to fill in the MP3 meta tags with basic data: show name, website or e-mail, date, number and block of the show.
▶ It is not obligatory to publish the show only through Central DJ, but if the download links are posted in other places, you will not have an exact measurement regarding the downloads and nor easy access to the radios and webradios that transmit your show, since these may be getting the downloads in other locations. So, as much as possible, use Central DJ as a centralizer for all your listeners, suggesting that you register on our site to download the shows.
▶ We suggest you have a page on the Facebook and account at Twitter, as well as other social media to help spread to the world. In these medias we also request, as much as possible, to help in the dissemination of Central DJ, stating that your show is available for free download.
▶ Central DJ provides direct download of local shows. It is forbidden to copy the direct link for dissemination elsewhere, in order to use our structure for download without a user logged in. This will be considered a very serious fault and with immediate exclusion if detected. Download links are randomized from time to time.
Important: Central DJ depends on your disclosure. We ask, in exchange for the disclosure on our website, to disclose Central DJ in your show, if it has a voiceover. In this way everyone wins: Central DJ grows and shows grow too. Cite that the show is distributed to radios and webradios by Central DJ, provide the URL of the website, inviting people to enter and participate.
▶ Other rules can be inserted over time, to suit new realities. In case of any major changes, producers will be notified by email.
▶ If you have any questions regarding other matters, please contact us by clicking here.