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Solarstone is back with an amazing show this week featuring new music from Lostly, Activa, Indecent Noise, Lost Witness and many more including his brand new single and something brilliant from The Beatles in the #ChilloutMoment.

1. Nishan Lee - Dusty Bees (Original Mix) [onedotsixtwo]
2. Ivan Nikusev - Wind Breeze (Timewave Remix) [Joof Aura]
3. Haievyk - Dynamic [Bonzai Progressive]
4. Dan Green - Always [94Trance]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway:
5. Blister 13.0 - Barrio de Gracia (Version Nocturna) [Pure Progressive]

6. Solarstone - Sky [Black Hole]
7. Ultimate - Fenomeno [Infrasonic]
8. Lost Witness & Xavian - Gaisma [Pure Trance Neon]
9. Sector7 - Lucid Dream [In Trance We Trust]

10. Lostly - Concrete Dreams [Pure Trance]
11. Activa & John Dopping - It Never Ends (Club Mix) [Pure Trance]

12. Indecent Noise - No Rest For The Wicked [Nocturnal Animals]

13. The Beatles - Something (Abbey Road 1969) [Abbey Road]


Importante: este episódio foi lançado há mais de um mês. O link para download e ouvir, que não estão hospedados na Central DJ, podem não ser mais válidos.