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Pure Trance Radio Podcast 175

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Solarstone hosts a packed show this week with new music from Forerunners, Sied van Riel, Factor B, New Ordinance, Sneijder and many more including something different from Deadmau5 in "Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway".

1. Elypsis - Dear Scorpio [Silk Music]
2. Forerunners - Sound of Mind [Low Bit]
3. New Ordinance - Beyond Gravity [Pure Progressive]
4. Arctic Quest - Love Is All [94 Trance]
5. Revolution 9 - Awakening (Club Mix) [Pure Progressive]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway:
6. Deadmau5 - Glivch (Mau5ville Level5) [Mau5trap]

7. Ferry Tayle & Sam Mitcham - Stories [Fables]
8. Lindburg & Steele - If You Wait [Pure Trance]

9. Sied van Riel - Atomic Blonde (Smith & Brown Remix) [Pure Trance NEON]

10. Sneijder vs. Lemon - We Can Fly Back Home [White Label]

11. Allan Morrow - Unbalanced [Unhinged]

12. Factor B - Alpha [Subculture]

13. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano - Glacial Sunbeam (Everything) [Erased Tapes]


Importante: este episódio foi lançado há mais de um mês. O link para download e ouvir, que não estão hospedados na Central DJ, podem não ser mais válidos.