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Flash Hits (Diário) - Edição 695
Produtor: Live Mix

Publicado em: 29/12/2017



Bloco 1

Undercover - Every Breath You Take
Look Twice - Funk You Up
Zohra - Look Up
Hysteric Ego - Want Love
Fun Factory - All For You
Baker Street - Words
DJ Bobo - Theres a Paradise
Erotic - Billy Jive With Willys Wife
N Sync - I Want You Back
Annie - I Say a Litle Prayer
El Viajero - Corazon Partio
Wen - Ni Tu Ni Nadie
Sonia - You Will Never Stop Me From Loving You
Snap - Exterminate
Taleesa - Kisses Kisses Bye Bye
Ice MC - Think About The Way